Visit Vilnius

Fairly satisfied sitting a few hours in transit at CHP airport – to digest at least some of the many impressions from this last week in Vilnius.

It’s been incredibly interesting and instructive to take part in the selection of works for 6th International Artists’ Books Triennial and a great pleasure and inspiration to talk to other jurymembers, artists and creative people in Vilnius.

First and foremost of course I’d like to introduce my friend, Kestutis Vasiliunas, professor at the graphics department at Vilnius Academy of Arts as well as initiator and leader of the Artists BooksTrienniales, whom I have known for many years now. Most certainly Kestutis is a person of boundless hospitality and – apparently always – plenty of time for taking care of his guests as the host, taxi driver, tour guide, teacher, organizer, entertainer – and ambassador for his beleaguered country. OMG, how we’ve laughed over his portrayal – or should I say performance – of “life under Soviet domination” as well as the contemporary political situation. Not because it’s funny what’s going on. Quite the contrary. But the ability to “see” the madness of life has quite a fertile ground in a nation like Lithuania.

Some squaremeters of artists’ books waiting for judgement …

The jury: Kestutis, Deirdre Kelly from Venezia, me – and Joseph Johannes (JOOP) Visser, NL

I’d say we did work fairly concentrated, but also had some decent regular coffe breaks,lunch hour breaks, outings, museum visits etc. to keep up the steam. (Here in the office of the Art Academi, Deirdre, Agota, one young student/assistent, me, Joseph)

Yesterday Josep and I even held a lecture at the Academy. As Josep is not just an artist but also a wonderful composer, his lecture was more or less him performing some of his piano works accompanied by his graphical slide show. This guy’s a real English, that is Scottish, gentleman – whose whole appearance(!), distinct vocal diction (as he read aloud for the audience his translated poems) and appearance made me almost see Tolkien before my eyes.

NB. Results of the selection will be published Sunday here.

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to Visit Vilnius

  1. ainescannell says:

    You are of course on my Follow list on wordpress………and then
    I had not realized you were involved in the selection for the Vilnius Artists book exhibition. Such a coincidence. And in more ways than one. I exhibited with Kestutis in Falun, which the lovely Modhir Ahmed coordinated with Anne Seppanen ( this being a consequence of being one of the artists featured, in Richard Noyce’s book “Printmaking at the Edge”). I don’t think he remembers me – I don’t know. Modhir is having a retrospective exhibition at the moment in Falun at Dalarnas museum – I would love to be able to have a look around this show.

    Then I find out that Deirdre Kelly was involved in the selection process- She was one of the lecturers teaching, when when I was doing the M.A. Printmaking at Wimbledon College of Art in London. I don’t know Joseph though
    By the way did you participate in the Emission portfolio that was part of Impact printmaking conference in Berlin – I was in this project?

    great blog……….I hope your own art work is going well…………

  2. hanne says:

    Hi Aine
    Yes, what a coincidence in the magic world of art! Will mention it for Kestutis when I go to the opening in Vilnius the April. Actually more artists are planning to come for the opening, I’m sure it’s gonna be a wonderful rendez vouz.
    And no, I was not involved in anything Berlin … (Wish I were, though).
    Will go and look up your website now … 😉

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