ARTROVERT at last!

It has been soo (too) long time since last ARTROVERT met, but this week we finally managed to fit our busy scedules in and reassemble here at my place to create a new artist book for VII Biennale del Libro d’ Artista di Cassino.

It was great to be together again. And it took us only a vase full of snowdrops on the table, a glimpse of the bright sun light through the window, a few cups of coffee and a quick brain storm to lay the foundation for SPRING, a visual celebration of the boost of energy and the season that’s just around the corner. Spring = new beginnings, dreams, hopes, fertility, birth, rebirth, soil, energy, growth etc etc – but also with various undertones and shades …

Everything that can emerge when spring energy is released all the possibilities on the loose and projections into life lures … or scare and overwhelm you?

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to ARTROVERT at last!

  1. Suki says:

    love seeing your beautiful house and workspace and sensing the camaraderie of making art together. Most springs I am excited and relieved to say goodbye to winter. This spring anticipation brings a bit of fear as I have set myself to wanting to complete a difficult (for me) task of buying a house which I have been trying to “make” myself do for 3 to 20 years. So yes, am scared. thanks for asking, an interesting quiestion.

  2. hanne says:

    Hi Suki – just wanna wish you LUCK with your big project!!!

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