LOVE in Vilnius

Happy to be back in Vilnius to attend the opening of LOVE – 6th International Artists Books Triennial.

Here are some of the artists outside gallery Titanikas. From the left to the right:
Kestutis Vasiliunas (LT), Roberta Vaigeltaite-Vasiliuniene (LT), me (DK), Dalia Lopez Madrona (S), Lady xx (H), Josephine Tabbert (D), Andras Butak (H), Elisabetta Diamanti (It), Lucas Kunz (D), Krassimira Drenska (CH), Katriona S.W. Persson (S), Angeline Rood (NL), Else Juhl Lundhus (DK), Maja Ingerslev (DK), Marianne Laimer (S), Inger Agnete Diemer (DK)

I will post more from the exhibition and from my stay here over the next days, so keep in touch (or find more on the artists books cretors blog here)


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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