A day in Kėdainiai

It was a special pleasure to see again a colleague and friend of mine, Dalia Madrona Lopez, Lithuanian art historian, professional book binder and artists’ book artist (but married and living now in Sweden). Not only has Dalia a lot of contacts among Lithuanian artists and the art  community – she speaks the language fluently – of course. This provided me/us with a lot of extra information and a very direct access to local artists here in Vilnius  and Kėdainiai, where we went the other day to see Dalia’s home city, the museum where she was once the Director and to visit some of her friends Bronius Rutkauskas and his wife Sita, both artists and creators of the most beautiful frescos and painted scarfs.

Impression from their home and work place: It was like visiting Vermeer or some old master from the Dutch Golden Age or  similar. Lots of wonderfull portraits along the walls. Piles of rich scarfs and cloth at the sofa for draping of the models before portrait sessions. A cat decoratively sleeping at an embrodery pillow. Tea and canapés decoratively arranged at the table. Discussion of art, literature and society in the living room. Isn’t that’s what life’s about?!


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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One Response to A day in Kėdainiai

  1. dalia says:

    Dear Hanne, how nice of you to mention my town Kedainiai and to write about Zita and Bronius . It is not always easy for artists living in a small places to be seen. I do think they deserve a proper attention and I am very thankful that you are promoting and enlarging our circle of art friends:) My very best regards , dalia

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