An Afternoon of Arts and Crafts

Sunday at the local fleamarked in Vilnius we met another friend of Dalia, Arvydas Gurevicius, a wonderful, talented and totally crazy artist and went straight to his nearby studio to see his works – and to try out ourselves to do small pieces of enamel work. Actually a bit of an adventure.

I always love the atmosphere of places where artists work. Just to sense the energy and see how they decorate their rooms. What kind of pictures, poems, tags and stuff hang on  the walls for inspiration?! What decorative tableaus at selves and window sills?! Tools and materials organized at tables?! Any smells?! Here I found everything!

I really liked what I saw at Arvydas’. His studio as well as his works: Enamels (as jewelry and images) and also very big drawings and monotypes.  Images of  houses, trees, lovers. Figures holding hands. Angels. And from the background emerging words and texts. All so delicate and fragile but also with a strong sensation of sadness and of feeling alone. A seemingly  strong and complex contrast to a quite “wild” author.

(By the way, during our stay at Avidas’ Dalia suddenly revealed another of her talents. Suddenly while waiting for our enamel to dry and then the glass layer to melt in the oven she grabbed a guitar and played us a Lihuanian song. Very well indeed! )


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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