Doverodde Book Arts

Spent a part of the Ascension Holidays at Doverodde Bookart Festival. This year’s theme was On the margins / UDKANT. 

Together with Nina Hobolt, art historian, researcher and former museums director, and Nancy Cambel, poet, printer, and for the last month writer-in-residens at Doverodde, I was invited to select works for the categories best interpretation, most classic and most experimental piece. With so many exciting and beautiful artists’ books and a quality that was indeed very high, it was great to realize how easy it was for us to agree on Tatiana Ginsberg’s Existence Doubtful, Tommelise Haldrup Pettersen’s On the Margins, and Lucas Kunz’ Radio Grams.

It’s the 4th time the festival runs and the development is rather promising. Still more artists – especially from abroad – participate in person. This year it was a particular pleasure to meet colleagues from as far away destinations as Singapore and Canada, of course along with artists from UK, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Festival is placed in a beautiful restored old warehouse/ merchant house  by the waters of the Limfjord  and includes: exhibition, market, workshops and symposium, all in an inviting and inspiring atmosphere and vivid conversation – all in English.

Only the opening of the exhibition was not in english. Performed by Søren Ryge, a popular Danish TV host whose portrays of ordinary people living in remote places apparently qualified him to be the Guest of Honour and opening speaker. I never see him on TV (I hardly ever watch TV at all) but I must admit I totally enjoyed his evening talk Stories from Denmark. They so reminded me of people, places and situations from my childhood. Which was also a bit on the margins

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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