Spring Songs

Made 2 little artists’ books recently  for the Biennale in Horn, Austria, inspired by two spring songs I love: “Kom maj du søde, milde” is a song I have known “always”. At least from my childhood, propably before my conscious remembrance. The lovely tune by Mozart is an extract from one of his final works. while “In Vernalis Temporis” is a real old  tune by an unknown composer. It’s played every day at noon from the Århus’ town hall tower, so that’s also a very integrated in my mind.

I was included in the project by Joop, (Joseph Johannes Visser) grapical artist, poet, printer, composer from the  Netherlands, who I met in the jury in Vilnius half a year ago. Joop is not only a skilled classical visual artist – his whole life seems embedded in music. Probably that’s the reason he came up with the idea of creating something involving “sound” or “tunes”. A couple of months ago he sent me a mecanical music “thingy” device that litterally transforms holes in long paper strips into SOUND. A simple tecnique – with an amazing outcome!!

As one of my books is now included in the the collection of the Kunst Verein Horn I might consider developing on the concept. Think I should find two of my favorite summer songs to go on with…

Hmmmmm – but which ones to choose???

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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