Summer course

Had the pleasure to run the art class at Testrup Højskole last week at one of the short summer courses.

The concept is simple: about 140 people of all ages gathered for one week to play music in all genres from early morning till late evening. Children, parents – even grandparents. Big families in 3 generations – as well as single parents with one or two kids. Some “veterans” go every year – others come for the first time.

It’s MUSIC all over the place – along with a lot of other activities (games, competitions, performances,  yoga, etc) – including my ART class/ workshop for those who preferred to dive into the ART-world and develop their visual creative skills…

I started out my class with a few general drawing and painting instructions – but soon people went off in various individual experiments and personal preferences. And it was a really fantastic, positive and enthusiastic group. No matter what time I went to the studio – even late night – at least one or two persons were still there – working on their projects. In fact it was the same atmosphere I noticed all over: People simply couldn’t stop! Until the last day used for presenting the results of the week at stage. The music groups performed, while my art class – and the ceramic art class had a little exhibition going on.

Even if I was actually hard working last week also felt like a kind of holly day. All workshop instructors and assistants  (my great colleagues!) stayed, some even brought their partners and/or families along. It’s kind of simple living: Every meal is provided for. There’s no dishing and cleaning up.  One can just enjoy the changing rythm of intense and creative activities, rehearsals – coffee breaks – entertainment – and gatherings in new constallations (i.e. I haven’t been singing in a choir since I was a student = more than 30 years ago. It was wonderfull! )

Teaching is great. You give out a lot of yourself and your energy, yes, but get so much in return: Positive response, new relations, impressions, ideas. I have to admit though I was kind of exhausted afterwards – and used the rest of the weekend doing absolutely less than n o t h i n g …


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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