Bredgade 22

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From Sunday’s artmoney exhibition opening in Bredgade 22. A most fine and inspiring event! The gallery really went to the brim with happy artists and enthusiastic guests and visitors. What a funny afternoon!

I myself made ​a few good exchange transactions and agreements with my colleagues Karen Sennefelder, Jan Klein and Frank Tomozy. A great way to have new impulses.

The exhibition continues until October 31. If you happen to be in Copenhagen you definitely have to drop by! All works are for sale for 250 kr / 33 euro – and can be taken right away. And there’s such a diversity to choose from.

From classic sketches and watercolor to paper clip art, brightly colored pop art and sculptural (!) artmoney. (As the one I swapped with Karen Sennefeld: forks casted in concrete). Oh, and then to the crazy ones like the mosaics made (by Claus SAmsøe) out ​​of salami and cold cuts: a heart, an anchor, a four-leaf clover, etc. – all nice, soft, pale pink/red …  Bon appetite!

LAST DAY ON 31 October
TEL.: 24251777

(NB. Photos: Thanks to B.W.A.)


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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