Universal Family

Christmas tableau/Nativity Scene for exhibition in Holstebro Kirke (from 1 December till Hellig 3 Konger/Epiphany)

My first idea was to make a statement on the ‘extended family’ – where in principle one woman provides the egg, a donor (possibly even anonymous) supplies the sperm, a surrogate mother carries the fertilized eggs in her body and when finally the child is born he or she is raised by yet another father and mother, who may each have one or more ex partners + one or more kids with these former partners – in addition to the kids they now have in common. Furthermore we have all full or half siblings etc etc. In short: a very modern and diverse rainbow family! It is neither an argument for or against artificial insemination and/ or surrogacy. Actually one may say that Jesus himself experienced some quite extraordinary family relations and circumstances.

While working with my tableau I realized that we’re all somehow part of an universal family, a family far beyond dna and biology. In the universal family we’re all related and connected – probably that’s one of the greatest wonders of LIFE. No man is an island!

It’s been real fun to develop this tableau – it almost “made ​itself” when first I got it started. Yes indeed, now it is almost impossible to stop again! Pixies, animals, toy figures, apples, crystals, snowflakes, flowers, known and unknown personalities from history and the art world are queuing up to join. Lovely Is Our Earth!

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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1 Response to Universal Family

  1. Olivia Lee says:

    I absolutely LOVE your nativity scene!!!! I just finished doing one on my mantel with all the symbols I encountered on a trip to Languedoc and Spain this spring. In the middle is a large (ostrich) egg with a painting of Mary Magdalene gazing at it (as a sense of the future contemplating it’s as yet unlived destiny in the making…). I have always been amazed at the power of associations which come from contemplating birth or death or any of the archetypes… Such an inward journey. Beautiful and deep work, Hanne!!!

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