My Home is My Castle/ My Studio


My home and my studio is pretty much one and the same story.

That’s how it has been for years now. The address may have change a few times – but the concept of living and working in the same place is lasting. This works really well for me – being the kind of person who loves to mix everything together: personal and professional life. Anyway, who says you have to distinguish between “working hours” and “spare time”?

Right now it’s weekend, I’m writing various texts (including this one). Later I’ll clear my desk and check out some materials for a workshop with Lis, Joe, Tina, Bente and Anne, who come here Monday to look at different ways to assemble artists’ books.

We’re preparing for this project


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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3 Responses to My Home is My Castle/ My Studio

  1. På et eller andet plan misunder jeg dig. At få sit liv, sit arbejde til at blive kunst. Ej, jeg kan ikke udtrykke mig korrekt! Men ikke at have den der totalt triste opdeling mellem arbejde og det liv man helst vil leve…

  2. hanne says:

    Jeg føler mig også yderst priviligeret skal du vide. Det koster måske på andre områder, men jeg kunne ikke drømme om at bytte!

    Fortsat god weekend.


  3. LisaK says:

    Hanne, I have my studio at home too. I like the way that my life and my work become intertwined, and that I can go back and forth for a cup of tea or a mental break. The only problem I have is not enough room, but when I think of renting a larger space somewhere else, I hate to give up the flow that my art practice has right now, having my studio here.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

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