ART = alternative valuta

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While in Copenhagen we also visited the headquarter’ of the art project ARTMONEY. Nice to meet with Lars Kraemmer, founder and facilitator of this fantastic project; an alternative currency made ​​as small unique works of art. (More about the concept here).

Lars is a very out-of-the-box-thinking artist and event manager, you may say. Residing in Denmark – but with a past in the United States/Canada and surroundings.


In 3 months the project is going to have an exhibition at A Gathering of the Tribes at Lower Manhattan. My works will be part of it – so right now I count all my buttons and consider wether to go in person – or not. I’d love to be physically present at the opening – but I don’t really see where to find the financing…

Anyway, please contact me if you know of a vacant guest room 2 weeks in September somewhere in New York in the low budget end of the scale. Private or B&B-like. Of course I’d also be delighted to pay the entire bill (or any part of it) in my very own artmoney!


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About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books and communication
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2 Responses to ART = alternative valuta

  1. Linda Platt says:

    Hi! I am a fellow art-money artist. I can offer a free room if you are ever in Chicago. I have a museum in my house, “The Museum of Enlarged Persian MIniatures and Library of Exotic Art.”
    Also have written a novel, “Balanced on the Edge,” available on Amazon Kindle. I like your work and sensibility very much.
    Linda Platt

    • hanne says:

      Hi Linda and THANK YOU for your very generous offer. I went to see a friend in Philadelphia but who knows – maybe some other time? It has been so great to be here, I’d definitely like to come some other time. :-)

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