O = nothing and everything


‘O’ is the chemical symbol for oxygen = the air we breathe.

‘O’ is the mathematical symbol for zero = nothing. ‘O’ is also a circle = symbol for everything. Nothing and everything.

And so my contribution to LIVSTEGN is a cabinet with 100 glasses with nothing inside. Nothing but air. Bottlings of pure air respectively from my backyard in Malling and from the seaside at Ajstrup nearby. I want to say something about how busy and distracted we often are – we tend to forget the most basic: to breathe, to live. My idea is simply to remind of this.

To breathe is the first and the last thing we do in life. And between birth and death we breathe countless of times. In this way breathing is both the smallest, most insignificant – and the biggest and most crucial LIFE action I can think of. The oxygene/air we breathe is a simple and common element. What I inhale in my lungs, my neighbor has just exhaled – and vice versa. Ongoing, perpetual process till the end of life …

The invisible air in my glass will remind me/you of this. I’ll like to invite you to take a glass home – for some time where you may need an extra dose of oxygen to handle existence – or just to remind on how great it is just to be alive.

The exhibition can be seen till 28. Sep. at Højbjerg library.

NB. Photos from the opening


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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