Philadelpia days

In Philadelpia to see Tara, a friend and fellow artist I met in Seongnam 5 years ago, when we were both invited to show our artists’ books at Seongnam Bookart Festival.

Tara is not only a wonderful host, she’s also a skilled artist, a teacher and a book conservator, so Monday I met her at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania where she’s in charge of the conservation of the books and documents. What a gift to be allowed backstage access to this extraordinary and irreplaceable stuff!

Yesterday we went to Moore College of Art & Design where she was teaching a class on paste papers. Georgious to see how she managed to just grasp the attention of the students from the very first moment, how she got her message through yet set the students free to be creative in their own ways. Actually I got a lot of good ideas for my own art and teaching.

And on top of that just imagine what a pleasure it is to stay in her house, stuffed with interesting books about art, artists books, paperworks, tools, supplies of any kind. It’s a delight for the eye – colourful bohemian. And with Jacques and Sweepie (2 cats) decoratively hanging around.

Happy I have still a couple of days ahead here …

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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1 Response to Philadelpia days

  1. Tina Morsø says:

    Det der også ud som om du har det fantastisk i USA 🙂

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