64° 10′ N, 51° 45′ W

10 days to Nuuk, Greenland, to set up and open our artists’ books exhibition in Katuaq, Nuuk’s culture centre, teach a workshop for selected artists – and enjoy the nature, landscape, the city, the people.

It’s SO interesting to experience how culture and nature totally intertwined in a  exquisite, complex and fragile balance act – full of beauty, big contrasts and drama. And the people I’ve met here has been a broad and colourfull mix of local inhabitants, new comers  (artists, teachers, cultural workers, students etc) with a most international background. I realize that all idéas I might have had about Greenland as a remote and a bit marginalized nation needed a review. The sitiation is rather the opposite – what I’ve experienced here is a small but totally updated, vibrant and hip ”metropol”, full of BEREJSTE, well educated and well informed people, with a new and strong self awareness!

Might be that Greenland faces big intern social and political and challenges, that developement runs fast and a bit wildly, that social problems are very obvious. However, it’s ALSO very obvious that Greenland’s a society with great resources – both on natural and human resources – standing at a turning point where to find a constructive balance between past, present and future, between man and nature and developement and justice for the individual and for society, and not only for the privelleged well off class.

The images here’re a cavalcade from Katuaq, Nuuk Art School, The Seminarium/Teacher Training College, Hans Lynge’s tapestries at the City Hall, The Art Museeum, The National Museum in the old colonial harbour, the cathedral (where a child was baptised and I had the luck to see the family all dressed up in their finest traditional festive dresses) – and the landscape as seen at my morning walking/running/jumping/climbing tours at the cliffs along the waterside and from a guided sunday trip with local friends, who took us to some of the best sights and places where center and periphery becomes one and the same issue, and where tradition and up-to-date hip goes hand in hand, where traditonal wooden houses and modern concrete constructions rise side by side. Wealth and poverty, beauty and decay within a very small area. Contrasting – and wildly exciting and electrifying!


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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