Berlin impressions

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Back home again – happy and exhausted – after a lovely study trip to Berlin with a group of 130 teachers & students from Testrup højskole.

Depending on temperament and inclination one could choose from a totally tight program – to pursue the historical- political or the predominantly cultural- artistic track, as I did, with elements ranging from the most stringent and classic art to distinctly avant-garde. The culture scene pendulum swinging effortlessly from the hottest art galleries, most violent and experimental electronic music performed at small, quirky clubs – to contemporary canonized artists as Ai Waiwai currently at the Martin Gropius Bau  – to the absolute serenity and grandeur radiation of ancient stuff like the Pergamon altar – to chamber concert at the Berlin Philharmonic and Anna- Sophie Mutters virtuoso world-class violin.

Occasionally also plenty of ” breathing space ” and green oases along the way: in particular I enjoyed visiting one of my recurring favorites : Prinzessinen Gärten – the mobile urban garden project at Moritz Platz. Another wonderful tour was going by bike with a small group of students in the green Treptower area, to Spree Park and along the channels till the Turkish market in Kreuzberg. Also the traditional Sunday flea markets contained their great share of recreative moments. And so teeming the city with cafes, restaurants , take-away, etc. a good part in the bio-quality. Your next coffeee is never far away when you realize you need to rest the legs and senses. And so do you!

Berlin is one of those fantastic and complex cities where the trashy and the monumental, past, present and future are closely connected. Very inspiring!

I think I can use a couple of days now to let the impressions sink in. Maybe along with a little Prinzessinspired gardening?! Just crazy as everything has grown wild in my backyard while I’ve been away …

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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