Currently building a ‘House book’ – with house shaped pages (much simplified) and joined in an accordion/ Leporello structure.

The idea popped up by itself one day I noticed some ‘house-shaped’ boxes at a local stationery store. They looked like cute little bathhouses / allotment garden houses – and I immediately decided to persue a few and transform them into something “bookish”.

My first ‘House-book’ was made for HJEM/HOME my nordic artists’ books project in the North Atlantic House this summer. So this one is another one, but of course with some common denominators; made in my favorite kind of material = all kinds of recycled paper and cardboard, clippings, gesso, glue, tape, paint, stitching. I even consider adding a little silver and gold (inspired by Christmas perhaps?) but haven’t decided yet .

What I do know is that this one is dedicated Vamp & Tramp, my agent in United States, who’re working to convey artists’ books to private collectors and public collections. And who just sold yet another work of mine to the John Hopkins University in Baltimore. Thanks a lot V&T! 🙂

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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