White Christmas & Happy New Year!

foto (4)Dear friends, as always so much exciting is going on in life, I hardly find the time to put my feet on the ground. But Christmas morning the world appeared so white soft, and sparkling – I had to calm down and do a little barefoot walk in my garden.

Celebrating the New Year is a welcome opportunity to take stock over projects, property, relationships, health, habits and everyday life. Finding what works? What to cut away? What to transform? And what new dooss to open? I’ve got plenty of sketches on the table, the task now is to prioritize the order.

One of the first issues on the to-do list is to decide the dates of my art-courses for spring. Working on it right now. Is launched here as soon as it’s finally cleared with my calendar! OBS! The SPRING 2015 season’s up now, please have a look here.

Additionally, I simply have to mention, I’ve started a collaboration with Kreativt Netværk who’ve specialized in organizing art-travels for creative people to various excotic destinations. I love to travel you know. And I love to work creatively. So, can you do anything better than combining the two aspects?

I promise to be back with further updates on this in a very near future! So far, I can only say I’m totally excited about the perspectives of this challenge – and hope that some of you would like to join me. We aim this adventure towards September!




About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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One Response to White Christmas & Happy New Year!

  1. Good luck with the new project! Looking forward to reading more.

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