Initial Considerations for TRIBUTE



My contribution to TRIBUTE, Female Artists’ Society’s exhibition at Copenhagen Town Hall, is inspired by some of the very beautiful mosaic ornaments, I have seen in the terrazzo floors at the town hall. Something like a crossover between a mandala and a gækkebrev. I’m now in the process of experimenting with different types of paper and techniques. It is compulsary that all works’re made of paper. But how should they be carried out? Cut, sewn and/ or painted? There are 1000 of possibilities!

The other day I went to Copenhagen to participate in a planning meeting with the exhibition group. We did a round where all artists presented what they’re work with. All projects sounded really exciting! It has been a requirement we take inspiration from the building’s architecture, decoration or function. Incidentally several of my colleagues have chosen “the wedding room” and the fact that one can get married at City Hall. Others have been inspired by legendary figures and historical events from the files, others of the house’s interior. Works will cover a wide range of techniques from sculpture to photography, graphics, mix form and installation. Surely TRIBUTE will be a great show!

Hope to see you at Copenhagen Town Hall to the opening 3. March 😉



About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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