Two summers ago the greenhouse I inherited from my Granddad was mostly broken windows and cat shit. However, I took a turn; replaced the broken glass, removed half a meter of soil and made a “floor” out of sand and tiles. The greenhouse now serves as a bit of an oasis. Maybe not so much for growing plants (Actually I’ve only got four small tomatoes) – but for me. It’s a prefectly peaceful place to spend a couple of hours. Especially as long as the weather is not completely reliable.

Pure bliss and contemplation to just sit here; listening to the birds and enjoying all the green wonders that unfold (almost explosively) in the garden right now – maybe adding a little  embroidering, writing, reading and sipping tea. More on that topic later!

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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2 Responses to Oasis

  1. Dette ser ut som et drømmerom,Hanne! Det flotte gulvet…. 🙂

    • hanne says:

      Tak – det kostede også noget energi at få etableret – men stenene havde jeg allerede – og så hentede jeg noget strandsand til at hælde i rillerne. Jeg elsker den slags: Når jeg kan lave “noget ud af ingenting”…

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