Artmoney Nord/North

dokk1-1200x300Good news for ARTMONEY NORD: We’ve got a “yes” from Bornholm, they’ll support the project!

We have also got an appointment with Dokk1, Aarhus’ amazing and beautiful new multimedia house, perfectly located on the waterfront. We even have our appointment in the Aarhus Festuge/ Festival Week (= last week in August). Just tell me, how lucky can you be?

As you probably all know, Aarhus is European Capital of Culture in 2017 so here’s a fierce competition for all the good venues and for resources in general. However, we’re now in the lucky position of having access to Demokrateket a flexible area right at the entrance at Dokk1, where we can combine both exhibition, workshop and debate. What a challenge!

This weekend I have just started to write text and find images for the festival program, a good – and free – media platform to communicate our project from. And as mentioned, I also have to seek funds for the organization of workshops, artists’ talks, etc. Wonder if I ever run out of things that need to be done? 😉


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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