Artmoney North

Currently working on my own part for ArtMoney North a Nordic art project I’m curating. The project is launched in 10 days at Dokk1 at the annual Aarhus Festival.

Artmoney is about “value” on many levels. The concept regards art as a “currency”. An Artmoney measures 12 x 18 cm and represents a value of 200 Dkr. regardless of what material it is made of and whether it is created by a known or unknown artist. The concept contains a very democratic element – and basically a lot of empowerment: Create your own money!

Artmoney can be sold, used, exchanged for mutual acceptance and delight . The idea arose 20 years ago so it has shown some sustainability you could say.
The author Lars Kræmmer is Danish, the epicenter is here, but as you can see from Artmoney’s own list of artists, the idea has spread rather widely. However, at one point I noticed that there were strange enough not many participants from the Nordic countries, even we are so very much involved in both art, culture and social contexts. That’s why I wanted to motivate a number of colleagues and founded the group Artmoney North. It is in this context we’ll fold the project into the city’s major cultural center through exhibition, workshops, lecture / debate (in danish!) Artmoney Stock Exchange and finissage.

All the events are free – except the lecture. But of course we accept the entrance paid in Artmoney. 😉

See you at Dokk1!



About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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