Light and Silence

IMG_184022886032_2078651689087788_1514836565859539340_nIMG_027022814287_2078651732421117_2051593038717001456_n23004678_1518642448217629_6421267363421473663_o23120042_1518642438217630_8828908749013007292_o23120333_1518642574884283_4561248919360143549_oIMG_1872My artwork Cirklen had an almost magical effect as the daylight disappeared and the darkness fell on. A big red and glowing circle of life in the darkness.

It was a very beautiful and poetic event last weekend at Øm Monastery – where light, silence, darkness and autumn foliage melted together as the daylight faded and formed exactly the quiet, thoughtful and intense atmosphere I had imagined.

Of course, I have had many considerations about how to handle this. The iconic circle has always been in my mind as an archetypal symbol with countless meanings: holiness, eternity, and of course the cyclical, the divine power of nature. And in this context also a symbolic representation of monastic life and the ritual everyday life of the monks.

Besides experiencing my Circle, you could visit the museum, talk to savvy archaeologists dressed in monk suit, see the monasteries ruined by the paper lions specially made for the event of local school classes, you could have a taste of pea soup and beer bread – dishes that the monks probably also have enjoy during their time – and sometimes stand by the fire and drink hot blackcurrant juice to keep warm.

It has in all ways been both challenging and exciting to work on this project, and therefore so much more satisfying when it turns out a success. Thanks to eSCAPE who hired me – and thanks for all the positive feedback from you who participated in this very special bright experience!

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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