ArtmoneyNord at Åland

Back home after a very successful ARTMONEY NORD mission to Marienhamn/Åland with my friends and artist colleagues Naja Abelsen and Rebekka Koefoed to set up an exhibition at NIPÅ Nordic Institute at Åland and conducted workshops at Ålands lyceum.

It has been great to meet the dedicated people here, especially the staff and director that NIPÅ and the art teacher at Lyceum. All totally interested in exchanging views on differences and similarities between our societies and the variations among Nordic countries. Obviously there’re great similarities – but also great differences in attitudes and behaviour in social issues – eg how to express opinions about other people, about equality, gender, racial, political correctness, etc.

After the exhibition, we enjoyed to visit the local culture museum, which is definitely worth a visit to get a little insight into the very interesting history as the borderline between Russia and Finland/ Sweden.

We also did a bus trip to Eckerö, and a walk along the frozen seaside to Sjökvarteret in Mariehamn, a pittoresk marine environment with boat construction, wooden boats upside down on land for winter, crafts and local handicrafts side by side in old wooden houses. A beautiful trip – winter when it’s best: cold, clesr and fresh.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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