Lille Skiveren Residency

One weeks residency at Lille Skiveren, (former Prime Minister J.O.Kragh‘s summer residence), together with an exquisite group of colleagues from The Danish Women´s Artist association, KKS.

The task has been a symposium/workshop with focus on the concept of “playing”. We’ve investigated the local seaside, the plantation and the materials and marks we’ve found and have brought along. Call it serious fun. Actually I see a great deal of common features between religious rituals, playing/ games and artistic creation.

We’re still looking for a title or headline that can form the framework for an exhibition next year. (You’ll hear more later).

However, for the time being, it’s great just to breathe in plenty of sea air, enjoy the collegial cooperation – with exchange of crazy ideas and sharing knowledge from experienced fellow peers. We’re gathered here with very different approaches and practices, so it’s really a bit of an sociological experiment to live and work closely together for 8 days.

So far especially I’ve enjoyed casting strange stuff and forms in plaster, (while  playing/pretending to be some kind of scientist on a geological/ ethnographical expedition to an unknown land) finding and collecting  samples of snails, seaweed and stuff by the waterside. Later, in the laboratory, I’ll examen my finds. Make notes, map it. Try it all out.

Yesterday I did embroidery in seaweed. Yes, I’ve made a couple of samples on sea jewelry! It looks amazing – but how will it be when it dries up? And how will it react when in use? Quite fragile, I guess. But right now I don’t really care about results and outcome. It just feels so playful and so right.


About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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