IMG_5822It was a big and moving moment the other day when my son and his boyfriend exchanged rings at the local town hall – and officially married.

Being gay is still not always unproblematic and accepted. In some places, even prohibited and/ or associated with threats, exclusion, persecution and worse. So completely incomprehensible and unfair! Therefore, I am not only happy over the wedding – as I presume parents always will be – I’m also happy and proud to have a son and now also a son-in-law who stand up for themselves and their innermost feelings and aspirations. It requires courage and strength. Fortunately they both have a great measure of these virtues. And fortunately they both have family and friends who love them.

A big and magical ceremony with occult rituals and a festive day is planned for next summer – to celebrate the marriage. The town hall wedding was in order to be on terms with authorities and all official paperwork. Nevertheless, it also was an extremely solemn, joyful and memorable day. From the core of my soul I ‘m  grateful to have been allowed to share this significant moment with my wonderful son and his chosen life-partner.

Best wishes for you two wonderful young people – and for a more loving and compassionate world!

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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