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The trip to London (for climatic reasons we chose train over flight) happily turned into a fine and romantic prelude to Lucius’ & Foxy’s wedding. With overnight stays in Paris and Amsterdam on the way out and home, it became a real and adventorous journey, so much less stressful than airplanes and airports.

Paris was meling hot, a heat wave at approximately 45 degrees Celsius sweeped streets and squares (like going inside a hairdryer), yet we managed to go see Notre Dame, see some art and drink coffee on a houseboat on the Seine before going through Eurotunnel and the English Channel – and arrived at King’s Cross in the middle of central London. Wildly impressing how you can get from one European capital to another in just 2 hours – without flying!

In London, the natural focal point was, wedding, family and friends. Very intense to be together several days – but also wonderful.

On the way home we stopped in Amsterdam, visited Van Gogh’s sunflowers, bought some tulip lamps (and a bit of hemp seed – after all it was Amsterdam) and otherwise just hung out along the canals and looked at people, houses, houseboats – and went to the cafés for pancakes, water and coffee.

Back in Aarhus – 10 days later – we’re tired and over the top happy. Many wonderful experiences and moments richer.

Photos (some of them) – thanks to B W Andresen

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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