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I feel so blessed having experienced 3 wonderful weeks traveling with my daughter to Uttarakhand, the foot of the Himalayas, to enjoy an extensive days of trekking, yoga, meditations and spiritual lectures in local ashrams.

I was introduced to the area 3 years ago, when I travelled here with a group of Scandinavian artists on a silent retreat – and since I always longed to come back. This time I even had the blessing to do the journey together with Emilie, who is a really dedicated and skillful yoga practitioner and teacher herself. It has been fantastic to share this!

It has been the most intensive and inspiring weeks. We have been living close together in a daily practice of early mornings, 3 simple but nourishing vegetarian meals a day, hiking along the Ganges, meditating, attending yoga classes and spiritual lectures. Sharing the every day of a simple yet very fulfilling life. Something we haven’t done for almost 10 years – since Emilie left the nest/home. In so many ways it has (re)vitalized our relation .

First week we had signed up for a yoga-course at the peacefull Phool Chatti under the guidence of Lalita Ji, teaching traditional Indian yoga and ashram life.

After that we moved to Parmarth Niketan attending the International Yoga Festival 2020, a huge event with more than 1000 participaters, teacher and spiritual leaders from all over the world. A lot of people, still less than the previous years, due to the emerging Corona pandemic (more about that later).

We’re now back home again safe and sound – and full of peace and inspiration. Just in time before the total Lock Down of society – not only in Denmark – but worldwide.

Still: so much to be grateful about!

More pictures at Instagram 🙂

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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