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DSCF5950I’m a danish mixed media/visual artist. This blog will be about my art projects, teaching, thoughts, and life in general as I like to share ideas, beliefs and sources of  inspiration. Please, feel free to comment. 😉

You also find me here:
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23 Responses to About me

  1. wendy cooper says:

    HI Hanne i haven;t caught up with you for awhile and love all your new work especially your banners are they for sale?????
    country smiles
    new zealand

  2. hanne says:

    Hi Wendy

    Yes it’s some time ago – and yes, they’re for sale. Please, just email me if interested …

    Cheers, Hanne

  3. Hi Hanne,

    I just saw some pics from the last book arts workshop on fickr and.. wonderful! The books, the small ones specialy they are so likeable, lovable. There must have been a wonderful ambiance during the workshop. Thank you.

    Klaus von Mirbach

    • hanne says:

      Thank you Klaus for a generous comment. Hope maybe to see you here at at a book art workshop some day – who knows? Denmark and Germany is not THAT far, we’re practically neighbors! I.e.. last week I went to Berlin. Took some time. But still: absolutely possible!!!

  4. wes andrews says:

    I am interested in your knowledge of, or acquaintance with Karl Gluck, aka Viktor IV.
    I traveled with Karl in 61 and knew him as he became Viktor IV.
    thank you

  5. Nikki says:

    Hi mom, here’s the link to my shiny brand-new blog! Awesome!
    Please subscribe :p


  6. Dianne says:

    I saw your recipe folders in Somerset Life and love them. Where can I get more information on how to create them?
    Love your website. Dianne

  7. Hi Hanne
    Our mutual friend Judy sent me over to say hello and to connect. Do you have a facebook page?

  8. wendy cooper says:

    Hanne you are such a kind person ….received your beautiful parcel today……i have emailed you using your gmail account so do let me know if this is your correct email address and that you got my letter…..
    country smiles

  9. lotas says:

    Thanks a lot for your lecture at Vilnius academy of art…
    that was very inspiring!
    maybe you can share the first picture you showed there about life and love? i liked it a lot,

  10. Hanne, hi, same as you, I love the wonderful studio views. There are a lot on your blog and on flickr, I love your fotos. Since long I know the drawings from Henrich Drescher so: how can I get with some pics on work spaces? It would be a pleasure for me.

  11. hanne says:

    Hi Klaus.
    Please click his name in https://ihanne.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/work-space/ it will take you direct to his site (incl. mail adresse).
    NB. HAppy Easter by the way!

  12. Dan says:

    Dear Hanne,

    You have a lovely website. I just wondered if you could tell me where you found those little suitcases as I need to source some urgently. Most of those mini ones are so garish but you found some elegant ones!

    Kind regards, Dan Edelstyn, London

  13. hanne says:

    Dear Dan, thank you your comment. I bought the suitcases here http://www.pandurohobby.dk. God luck – whatever project you’ve got in mind 😉

  14. pearl mapu says:

    hi hanne

    i love your website. i seen that you replied back to dan’s comment about the suitcases. i went on the website but i dont understand the language. is there any translation. i really love the suitcases and need some for my sons 1st birthday party. thank you kindly.


  15. Hanne, tusind tak for ‘the follow’, jeg tænker det er dig, der også skrev så fin en kommentar på Gitte Juls fb?

  16. Anab Roa says:

    Hi Hanne! 🙂

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