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Faded blue shades

Remember this simple little quilt I made last year to show my publisher what sort of stuff I wanted to create for my book about stitching in recycled/ vintage fabric…? Anyway, this faded-blue, little quilt has just made its entrance … Continue reading

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Spotted quilt

Here you are: my new quilt made for a commissioned article. Actually it’s my second attempt, my quilt no. 2. I never really liked the first one, but this one I’m absolutely pleased with!   I can’t tell exactly what went … Continue reading

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A quilted pillow

This weekend I have been connected with my pc for h-o-u-r-s (!) writing catalogue texts for Silkeborg and Korea, and still I’m not finished. Especially the interview questions for Korea take a lot of thinking. I find it really exacting … Continue reading

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At the library

Today I’ve spend half the afternoon arranging quilts and stuff in glass exhibition cases. On occasion of the publication of my book – and the fact that it is now available at the library – I have been invited to show … Continue reading

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Patchwork design

At the moment I work hard to finish a new patchwork project. I have agreed with Hendes Verden, a Danish magazine, to design a quilt + a couple of pillows and to write additional tutorials for their spring issue featuring patchwork. … Continue reading

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One more quilt is on its way…

Well, I spared the templets from my first 6-star quilt – and reused it all for one more! I expect this one to be ready around Christmas time. I guess it´s going to be a present for …

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Still in progress…

I won‘t say I miscalculate the time it takes. I only realize that somehow I always tend to be on the optimistic side of the timetable; I simply expect things to develop faster! Fact is, my work is still in … Continue reading

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