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Outside studio

The weather gods are on my side, it´s Indian summer, and I can still ork outside!

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Creative roots

Where does it all come from – your creative roots? Is it in the genes of your family? Well, I don’t know but my grandmother was educated tailor and has been sewing all her life. Did she need to cheer … Continue reading

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I don’t know about you, but for me being active and creative is one of the most important aspects of life I can possibly think of; almost as essential as breathing. When breathing stops, life stops. When creativity stops the … Continue reading

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Birds & Nests

Look what the postman brought me today: A box with the most delicate and lovely rubberstamps from Cavallini (ordered at StampDiva) with birds and nests motifs. So this summer I think you can expect letters from me will be full … Continue reading

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Almost antique

Today I went to Århus to meet a friend of mine. On my way I passed these old, almost antique, sofas in the street. Some young people were renovating a shabby old nightclub/bar and what the furniture and things they … Continue reading

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Torpedo 6

I´ll just show you something from my studio. My beloved old "Torpedo" type writer! I love words and letters, and although I´ve become very enthusiastic about the possibilities of e-mail and the internet, I still write (some of) my personal … Continue reading

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Sound of music and good stories

Most of all I like the sound of silence! However, when I work on my own – in my studio – or in the house – I often turn on the radio for the news or for an interesting debate … Continue reading

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