Timeless Feeling

Few days family visit a couple of weeks ago allowed me some precious time in the beautiful oases of my beloved London to recharge my energy.

Whenever I’ve get the chance I go walking in Kensington Gardens. It’s a beautiful way of meditation. And this time I even discovered the nearby reading room at the V & A Museum. My warmest recommendations: This is the place if you want to disappear from the earth’s surface for some hours – immersed in a deep leather chair in a wonderfully quiet reading room.

In V&A I also bought myself a couple of cool ceramics books – to keep the inspiration up and on fire. And I can tell I’m so full of a burning desire to start model some big jars and get something started!

Crafting’s just great.

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How cool is the sparse and hardy vintergække/snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis). In spite of snow and cold it sends out its sprouts as an assurance from the earth that nature goes on – and it will be spring again.

My garden is blessed with an abundant number of the snowdrop, I gladly pick for my glass vases, to put in gække-brev (snowdrop letters) * – and now also for my artist’s books.

I like the way the whiteness of the paper and the flowers merge. So here you are: Snowdrops pressed, embedded in wax and paper, and made into a coptic bound book.

*) Gækkebreve or snowdrop letters is a unique Danish tradition.  To “gække” means to tease. You do it like this: cut out elaborate (typical symmetrical) pattern on paper, write a “teaser poem”, accompanied by a vintergæk (snowdrop). Send the letter is anonymously but signed with a number of dots corresponding to the number of letters in the sender’s name. If the recipient can guess who it’s from, the sender owes him an egg. If he can’t, he owes the sender an egg. 

An “egg” doesn’t have to be an actual egg (nor a chocolate one). It can be any token or small gift – as a book, a box of color crayons, a basket of flowers or something else.

This year, everybody guessed me. Maybe I should consider educate myself on a less distinctive handwriting before next year’s gække season. 😉

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0 – System


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Yet another artist’s book emerged at my desk this week. And what’s up this time? Some round figures obviously. Seeds? Egg forms? Anyway, guess I’m somehow  influenced by both the equinox and the upcoming Easter. In any case, I have painted a number of eggs/ zeros/spots/rounds (on the last paper scraps from the project Il Canto della Vita).

My new piece’s called O – SYSTEM. The meaning of “0” may be zero, referring to the number zero, to nothing, no matter, or to the letter o, or the symbol for circle??

Either it is to be seen as zeros/ circles/ letter “o”. However, it might also be interpreted as a “no systeme” = absence of system and context.

I don’t know the meaning yet, but I already feel how this inciting intricate system’s calling for me to explore unfold and develop more.

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Open Doors

24991600_1915826255124674_2037926216841558931_nAtelier G13 is open for visitors this weekend. From 11 – 16 Sunday & Sunday.

You’re welcome to drop by, see some of my latest works, enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine, buy a postcard or two, maybe even a little painting. Please, spread the word and bring along your artistic and art interested colleagues and friends.

See you. 😉

NB: List of participating artists here

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Feeling Good

Quite hooked on artists books at the moment. Recently I finished one for Italy – for which I was lucky to find a nice box for cover in my basement. It gave me an idea for some new works.

I realised I’ve got quite a collection of boxes and cases, and decided to do a little series of artists’ books designed to fit inSo this week, the creative process started in reverse order: First the cover – then the content.

My immediate choice was this bordeaux red little vintage box that has been a case for, yes, what do I know? Definitely something precious and valuable. 

I made the pages of some remaining sheets from a previous project – and was already well started. Folded it into a dense little accordion, painted, glued, stitched, added a few cut outs from various floras and atlas and stuff. And imprinted the lyrics of another of my favorite songs “Feeling good” – and yes – right now that’s exactly the way I feel.

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Il Canto della Vita

Just finished my part of ARTROVERT‘s latest artists’ book, made for the exhibition Il Canto della Vita dedicated to the Indian writer, composer, philosopher, painter, musician and Nobel Prize winner (1913) Rabindranath Tagore.

Our “Il Canto della Vita” is organized as a triptych, a three-piece work, based on each of our favorite songs for life.

It seems the songs we’ve chosen, in their own way, all deal with both the sun and the life. Il Canto di Lis is based on the beautiful and melancolic lullaby, “Solen er så rød mor”, while Il Canto di Giulli (Se hvilken morgenstund) and Il Canto di Hanne (Se nu stiger solen) are morning songs and a tribute to the new day and to life itself – both the ordinary life – and the great solemn life!

Visually we range from gentle and delicate photoshopped photos in soft ink print to a more wild and fanciful painted expressions, yet coherent as a sweet, beautiful and powerful ode to life – both when it hurts and shakes – and when the gentle sun the mild thoughtful wind prevails.

Surely we’re rather happy about the outcome, so now it’s exciting to see how it will be conceived by the audience in Lecce, Italy.

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Lille Skiveren Residency

One weeks residency at Lille Skiveren, (former Prime Minister J.O.Kragh‘s summer residence), together with an exquisite group of colleagues from The Danish Women´s Artist association, KKS.

The task has been a symposium/workshop with focus on the concept of “playing”. We’ve investigated the local seaside, the plantation and the materials and marks we’ve found and have brought along. Call it serious fun. Actually I see a great deal of common features between religious rituals, playing/ games and artistic creation.

We’re still looking for a title or headline that can form the framework for an exhibition next year. (You’ll hear more later).

However, for the time being, it’s great just to breathe in plenty of sea air, enjoy the collegial cooperation – with exchange of crazy ideas and sharing knowledge from experienced fellow peers. We’re gathered here with very different approaches and practices, so it’s really a bit of an sociological experiment to live and work closely together for 8 days.

So far especially I’ve enjoyed casting strange stuff and forms in plaster, (while  playing/pretending to be some kind of scientist on a geological/ ethnographical expedition to an unknown land) finding and collecting  samples of snails, seaweed and stuff by the waterside. Later, in the laboratory, I’ll examen my finds. Make notes, map it. Try it all out.

Yesterday I did embroidery in seaweed. Yes, I’ve made a couple of samples on sea jewelry! It looks amazing – but how will it be when it dries up? And how will it react when in use? Quite fragile, I guess. But right now I don’t really care about results and outcome. It just feels so playful and so right.

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