My African Artist’s Book

My latest work’s just finished and soon on it’s way to Lecce in Italy upon invitation. The theme is called “AFRICA. Terre Culture Orizzonti ”– and the requirement is a artist’s book of max 22 x 22 cm.

A small size for such a huge topic! So where to start?

On a large geographical map cut out of my fantastic “Hammond’s New World Atlas” from 1947 which has been stored for a very special occasion (and it’s now!) I authored and typed a text summarizing my view of Africa, as a large and diverse continent with amazing landscapes, wild nature and great potential. Topics like war, famine, religious fanaticism etc. are not among my visions. A rather selective point of view, yes, but that’s how I dealt with the subject.

After typewriting my text (and Toto’s Africa song on the backside of the map) I filled the shrine with all sorts of little bits and pieces that represent my dreams of Africa. Seed pods, sea shells, various finds and raw materials, objects and indeterminate stuff.

Finally, the box has got a label with title and sender.

Ready to go!

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New Workshops and Courses

DSC02153A few workshops and courses has been scheduled for 2019.

Again this season I have a lot of out-of-the-house-teaching-appointments so – so far – I have only set a few dates for courses in my own atelier. Hope to see you there!!! 😉

Wish you all some blissful Holydays and a Happy New Year!

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Back to basics

img_5802.jpgLove to model jars and dishes in more or less organic shapes. Here a big oval dish for my mandarins.

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IMG_5822It was a big and moving moment the other day when my son and his boyfriend exchanged rings at the local town hall – and officially married.

Being gay is still not always unproblematic and accepted. In some places, even prohibited and/ or associated with threats, exclusion, persecution and worse. So completely incomprehensible and unfair! Therefore, I am not only happy over the wedding – as I presume parents always will be – I’m also happy and proud to have a son and now also a son-in-law who stand up for themselves and their innermost feelings and aspirations. It requires courage and strength. Fortunately they both have a great measure of these virtues. And fortunately they both have family and friends who love them.

A big and magical ceremony with occult rituals and a festive day is planned for next summer – to celebrate the marriage. The town hall wedding was in order to be on terms with authorities and all official paperwork. Nevertheless, it also was an extremely solemn, joyful and memorable day. From the core of my soul I ‘m  grateful to have been allowed to share this significant moment with my wonderful son and his chosen life-partner.

Best wishes for you two wonderful young people – and for a more loving and compassionate world!

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My Greenhouse Studio

My ceramic atelier’s really very very simple; actually just a small greenhouse in the backyard where I enjoy to modell vases and vessels – as long as there’s still a little sun and heat in the air.

It’s small and simple yes, yet an absolutely bliss to work here; listen to music, to an audiobook – or the almost soundless wave of the falling autumn leaves while my hands push, pull, and smooth the shape. And it’s always a bit of a surprise to see “what happens”. Will it come out as an ear, a kidney or just an open organic form?

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Participating in the seventh CODEX book fair in California 2019 where focus will be on Nordic book art. 

My work “Now-Here” has just inrolled in CODEX NORDICA representing book artists from the Nordic countries: Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Sweden. The project is organized by the artist’s network CODEX POLARIS that will also be present at the  the book fair’s symposium

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Presentation of Spor Kunsten

20180928 Fernisering Spor Kunsten (11)20180928 Fernisering Spor Kunsten (42)20180928 Fernisering Spor Kunsten (61)20180928 Fernisering Spor Kunsten (98)20180928 Fernisering Spor Kunsten (70)20180928 Fernisering Spor Kunsten (101)20180928 Fernisering Spor Kunsten (108)

A bold fernissage yesterday in Rå Hal – with lots of music, speeches, artists’ talks, a committed audience and an overall great atmosphere. Believe me, this is exactly how we dreamed it – and worked hard to accomplish.  A beautiful day – in the service of art!

And this is but the prelude. The actual OPEN STUDIOS doesn’t take place until next weekend = 6.-7. October. In other words, there’s still time to get yourself a catalog at Godsbanen or the local library – and plan a “tour”. You can also find information about the individual artists and their studios at

Hope to see you next weekend at Atelier G13 – Sunday & Sunday 11-17.

(Photos: Bjarne W Andresen)

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