Welcome at my Studio


Just made this collage for the exhibition at Godsbanen to mark SPOR KUNSTEN (Track the Art) which kicks off this weekend. Please, feel welcome – use the opportunity to visit my workshop for a clooser luck at my collection of picture boards, collages, artists’ books, etc.

OPENING at Godsbanen Friday 16-18
OPEN DOORS at my G13 ATELIER Saturday-Sunday 11-17

More at www.sporkunsten.dk and FB


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Track the ART/ Artists’ Open Workshops

Once again this year 65 professional visual artists in East Jutland open the doors to their studios and workshops for an art interested audience 1.-2. October at 11-17.

At my atelier G13 there will be an exhibition of picture boards, collages and artists’ books. There will be a batch of new artmoney fresh from the printing press and other projects-in-progress. I will see the event as a good reason to clear up the space and put some spicy tea in the pot.

Welcome to my atelier at Grenåvej 13 – Aarhus next weekend.

See more at www.sporkunsten.dk

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Going Sculptural

Today I had the first of a series of sculpture – / modeling workshops along with two of my wonderful friends and colleagues. For a long time we’ve wanted to do something three-dimensional. The plan is to try out clay, plaster, wire, cardboard and who knows what else. And it was just so great to get started!

In addition the weather was totally on our side. Indian Summer invited for both work and have lunch at my studio terrasse.

Next time we meet will be in two weeks in Dorthe allotment. I am already looking forward.😉


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Clods of earth collected in my garden – mixed up with a few seeds from Lathyrus Latifolius (perennial sort with white flowers) shipped off today for EARTH/RAWMATTER, an Italian Mail Art project I was invited to.

These ‘naturalistic finds’ will be presented at the Universitá del Melo Gallery in Milano in November.

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Visiting London to see art, gather new strength, inspiration and fresh street garbage for my upcoming Creative Art Courses . :-)

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Simply Kitchen

2016-07-30 11.12.402016-07-30 11.13.322016-07-30 11.14.322016-07-30 11.17.112016-07-30 11.07.56

And this is how it looks after the make-over. Light and simple.Exactly the way I like it!

The wall has been whitewashed,the dark old varnish sanded off the floor. At the open shelves cups, cutlery, cans, gizmos, cookware has been reorganized – a great deal even sent to remote storage in the basement.

Usually I don’t feed an entire army. It’s just sometimes. For Christmas, birthdays and festivities, we are so many people. For everyday use I’d say: less is more!



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A Project Spreads Out


I planned to paint the ceiling and walls…but…

Somehow the process just expanded and now the kitchen, which probably was installed sometime in the 60’s, has been stripped and teared down.

I’m so found of the new “raw look” so I consider to leave the room almost as it is; allowing the raw wall/ the bricks that appeared when we chopped the old tiles to be visible. Leave the kitchen table on trestles – and just add a few open shelves for cups and stuff.

Regardless, there’s still quite some work to do; cleaning and painting the walls – and fix the floor. Several floorboards were missing under the sink.

The next days I’ll use the kitchen as primitive as it is. Experience how it functions and feel how I actually want it to develop.

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