Initial Considerations for TRIBUTE



My contribution to TRIBUTE, Female Artists’ Society’s exhibition at Copenhagen Town Hall, is inspired by some of the very beautiful mosaic ornaments, I have seen in the terrazzo floors at the town hall. Something like a crossover between a mandala and a gækkebrev. I’m now in the process of experimenting with different types of paper and techniques. It is compulsary that all works’re made of paper. But how should they be carried out? Cut, sewn and/ or painted? There are 1000 of possibilities!

The other day I went to Copenhagen to participate in a planning meeting with the exhibition group. We did a round where all artists presented what they’re work with. All projects sounded really exciting! It has been a requirement we take inspiration from the building’s architecture, decoration or function. Incidentally several of my colleagues have chosen “the wedding room” and the fact that one can get married at City Hall. Others have been inspired by legendary figures and historical events from the files, others of the house’s interior. Works will cover a wide range of techniques from sculpture to photography, graphics, mix form and installation. Surely TRIBUTE will be a great show!

Hope to see you at Copenhagen Town Hall to the opening 3. March😉


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Female Artists’ Society

This year marks 100 years for the foundation of KKS/ Kvindelig Kunstner Samfund/ Female Artists’ Society – one year after we celebrated 100 years of women’s suffrage in Denmark. The anniversary will be celebrated through a great variety of events and exhibitions during 2016.

From the files I found a little text on KKS’ story: Female Artists’ Society is one of the oldest professional associations for female artists and craftsmen. The foundation took place on Feb. 7, 1916 at a meeting in Copenhagen. Initiaters to the inaugural meeting were the painters Marie Henriques and Helvig Kinch. 25 women supported the invitation and took part in the founding meeting, among them the painter Anna Ancher and sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen. 75 members signed in at the meeting.
The aim was to jointly work to achieve equal conditions for female artists as male, by organizing and assembling the female vote in the elections to the Academy, Exhibition building at Charlottenborg etc.
In addition to the professional community created a forum for the exchange of ideas, experience disclosure – as a fun time for the women, who then often lived and worked alone as artists. Today KKS has 216 members.

I’m involved in more of the upcoming jubilee events. This weekend I went to a meeting with the group working on TRIBUTE – made in paper that will be on display at Copenhagen town hall 3. March.

I’ve got the concept, more or less, how I will make my pieces, but now comes the actual execution! Happy there is still some time!


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Selected pieces from

7th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2015

 will be on display at 11th Book Fair Hamburg 2016
Buy tickets for train √

Book hotell √

See you in Hamburg next weekend!😉



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New Workshops & Courses


Logistics’s now in place and and I am ready with new course dates for the next six months You can join three different creative weekends at my wonderful studio G13.

See all dates, prices etc here.

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Unexpected Joy

20151212 Roser til Hanne 007.JPG

Allow me to share my joy and surprice receiving a totally unexpected Grant from The  Anne Marie Telmanyi born Carl-Nielsen Foundation – in recognition of my artistic merits.

I’m so happy, proud, honored and deeply, deeply grateful! In fact I feel like hovering around in a big pink cloud!

(Photocredit + roses: Bjarne W. Andresen)

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Autumn at G13

DSC03294DSC03311DSC03309DSC03310Last autumn art course at my studio G13, collage and illustration, took place this weekend.

I expect to publish all titles & dates of my spring courses & workshops here + FB + website some time medio December.

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Berlin in October

Autumn study trip with Testrup Højskole – and  Lucius joining directly from London!

Great days for walking, talking, enjoying the special atmosfhere of Berlin – from sofisticated, monumental, classic monuments and culture – to the raw, innovative, green and urban sites.

Of course it has been a special pleasure being accompagnied by my son this time. I feel very gratefull!


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