Simple(r) Living?


Guess you know the feeling. How stuff, paper, materials, clothing, etc. tend to pile up over time without you noticing – until suddenly one day you wake up and realize that you are drowning in junk and stuff?

One by one it can be both fine and useful objects, but in total it just becomes too much – it’s an almost suffocating sensation!

That’s how I feel every spring! Suddenly and violently I’m overpowered by an almost uncontrollable urge to cut to the core. Free myself from the weight of things. A need to review what’s essential; What I actually want to keep in my life? AND what must be sorted out (passed on to others who can use the stuff).

So I am clearly in a period of sorting my worldly goods, books, papers, clothes, trinkets and more. A process that almost inevitably leads on to reflections on how to simplify ALL aspects of life. Thoughts on whom and what will I use my time and energy. A very necessary, healthy and healing process.

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The Wave


I’ve just created two new pieces – for an exhibition in Skagen next month. Think I’m a little obsessed with gold / silver. My golden period, so to speak!

I enjoy the quiet moments in my studio – in my own good company. Enjoy to see how the image emerges, to handle the vibrant micro-milimeter thin material, metal sheets, where you can hardly breathe before it flies away. To absorb totally within this delicate work while listening to music or an audiobook, I assure you; it’s pure balm for the soul!

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Paraphrase – Ode – Hommage


Another exhibition opening in Copenhagen. and exhibition of artists’ books with a handful of colleagues Birgit Dalum’s Atelier, Falconer Allé.

One of many exhibitions on the occasion of Women Artists Society’s 100th anniversary. The exhibition is open until 23 April.

My contribution is a tribute to the Finnish-Swedish poet Edit Södergran and her beautiful, ecstatic cosmic poems.

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Gender & Art Conference



A conference on gender and art at  the Women’s Museum, Aarhus, 9/3 to mark the 100th anniversary of Female Artist Society.
A fierce day with the theme “To be seen as an artist, not as a female artist”. Excellent presentationS by Kasper Monrad (SMK), Ellen Tange (KØS), Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen (Trondheim Uni), Hans Dam Christensen (Copenhagen Uni). Great responsiveness-  as well as frustration – over the facts and trends at the contemporary art scene (read: the established art institutions, museums etc) in the – predominantly female – audience.

And with good time for lunch, coffee and dinner where the talk corrugated lively between presenters and participants. Thus, it is an established fact that gender equality in the art world is still completely skewed – and definitely not in favor of women!
Organized by Women Artists Society, KKS in collaboration with the Women’s Museum.

Photo Credit: Pylle Søndergård

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Opening of Tribute


Highlights from yesterday’s opening at Copenhagen City Hall. Under the title “Tribute – expressed on paper”  16 members of the Female Artist Society celebrate the Town Hall’s history and especially the women who created all the building’s beautiful decorations.

Open: Mon-Fri 9-16, Sat 9.30 to 13, Sunday closed – Last day 12/3
Photos: Bjarne W. Andresen

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Work in progress for ”Tribute Expressed on Paper” exhibition with Female Artists’ Society in Copenhagen next month.

See you at the opening 3. March – to crepes and champagne at Copenhagen Town Hall.

(NB Please, send me a pm if you plan to show up. Have to put you on the official guest-list.)  😉

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Trip to Hamburg

Weekend trip to Hamburg to attend the opening of 11. Norddeutsche Handpressenmesse, meet friends and get new inspiration.

The fair took place at the Museum der Arbeit, and was a Mecca of small publishing houses, book binders, paper makers and individual artists from Germany, Spain, Russia, Austria, Italia, Switzerland and other countries.

One booth curated by my very good friend and collegue, Kestutis Vasiliunas, showed selected book objects from 7th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2015 – and other Lithuanian artist’s books.It was quite obvious that the works of the Triennale and Lithuania stood out and attracted a great lot of attention by the audience as a unique and different way of seeing artists’ books and book objects – alongside the many beautiful but also more traditional works based on the art of printing. It’s more than a year ago, I was part of the jury in Vilnius so for me it was a very satisfying experience and great pleasure.

Saturday I was even so lucky to see one of my very old friends from Kiel, who I know  way back from when we was in the Art Academy together. We have been in connection over the years – still had a lot to share  about our lives and all what happened “lately”.

I’m now back home at my atelier satisfied and enriched in every way – and ready to work at my next project: TRIBUTE at Copenhagen townhall.

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