From Soil

The summer, the long, light and the warm days’re still here – but everything has culminated. It is time to reap what we’ve sown of fruit, berries, cereals and vegetables. Barns and stock grow full.

It’s amazing when you think of it! But also something we (I) might have a tendency to “forget about”. Take for granted – where we (I) should be grateful. In fact it is fundamental for your life!

My installation “HØST – emerging from soil” is a tribute to the earth, the grain, the vitality of nature and the cycle of the year. We celebrated this yesterday by binding wreaths and talk about the cycles of life.

On display at hOLME kUNSTHAL till 15th September.

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Back home from a wonderful week at Iceland with my artproject ARTMONEY NORD. We have two exhibitions simultaneously this fall – and so we’ve divided the works into two portions; one for Amtsbókasafnið á Akureyri and one for Bókasafns Reykjanesbæjar.

We had the most stunning road trip from Reykjavik to Akureyri at Eyjafjörður – through a wild and powerful landscape mainly created by ice and volcanoes.

Iceland, however, is not only a beautiful scenic landscape but also beautiful, wild and powerful women and men – named after völvur and heros from the Icelandic sagas. They all seem to have a lot of inner strength and stamina. Guess wind, weather and nature calls for this primordial force. At least that’s what I sensed in the artists, plant alchemists, skin tanners and seiðkona we met.

It’s been a great joy to see old friends again and meet new ones. Thanks to our Icelandic colleagues we were introduced to an abundance of original and skilled local artists, craftsmen, and their studios. And for events such as the annual Handverkshátíð at Akureyri, where we saw the most wonderful home spun and plant dyed wool and ended up buying yarn for both sweaters, socks and mittens. You’ll see me knitting in near future!

I also got serious crush on the concept of plant dyeing. Something I’ll try out as soon as I find a little free space in my calendars!

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This summer I have been creating a number of new mandalas of my favorite mixed media material – discarded paper and street posters from my journeys – added a suitable dose of gold and silver leaf.

My New Mandalas + Indian Pictures (impresiones and inner images from last years Himalayan retreat to Northern India) are now on display at Lysets hus Aarhus for the next months.

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The Journey

On a recent trip to Vilnius to attend the opening of 8th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018, my travel companion insisted not to fly (not because of fear of flying but for climate reasons) – so we had to find an alternative itinerary.

It has been an fine experience – both to plan and actually to implement! Traveling in this way is obviously both more expensive, more difficult and takes considerably longer than airplanes. But that can be done – and it’s good for the carbon footprint!

On our travel  we went by train via Copenhagen to Karlshamn in Sweden. There we took  a fresh walk of 5 km from the station to the ferry (no bus here) – with bag pack and bags. The more we deserved – and enjoyed – the life on board: to take a shower, dress up, have dinner at the ship’s restaurant and sleep in our bunks all night on the way to Klaipeda. From Klaipeda we went by bus to Vilnius (by train on the way back – it’s far better than the bus!). A total of 1.100 km in distance and 30 hours on the move.

Usually I have been flying from Cph to  Vilnius direct – it take about 1,5 hours. It’s about changing perspectives; experiencing the journey itself as part of the experience, rather than hurrying to the destination – before the fun can begin.

The journey allowed us plenty of time to see the landscape and immerse ourselves in good books, knitting, chess and other games. And of course it helps to be in good company.(Thank you, Bjarne!) As a final surplus you get a deeper understanding of the actual distance!

All in all, a very nice experience I’m totally ready to try again another time! It does not mean I’ll never fly anymore, but I’ve got a new awareness that there are alternatives!

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8th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018

Home again after a wonderful journey to Vilnius to participate in the opening of 8th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018 – at the The Martynas Mazvydas National Library of Lithuania.

The Triennial, curated by Kestutis Vasiliunas, Professor at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, has been around for about 20 years. I have been with since 2003 – partly as an artist, and a few time I have been in the jury and participated in the selection. Therefore, the Triennial not only interests me in respect of it’s artists’ books, it’s also a welcome opportunity to see Vilnius once again, and meet with old friends.

Many artists and friends where present, so it was quite obvious to go out for dinner after the official opening. It was a nice evening in Užopiz.

As usual, it was a great pleasure to see my colleagues’ works – their diversity and high quality. In fact, the whole exhibition is a total delight and a huge source of inspiration! The artists’ books’re displayed a very beautiful and inviting dialog with a selection of the library’s old books and documents associated with the topic of the triennial “Memento Mori”. It may sound like a heavy and serious subject – but rather than delving into reflections about the approaching death which is unavoidable in the material dimension, the topic seems to have encouraged artists to reflect on life.

NB. The “8th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018” has already been on display at the Leipzig Book Fair, in the book art festival “Urbino e le Città del Libro” in Urbino, Italy. Following the exhibition at the National Library in Vilnius, it will move on to the SG Gallery in Venice, the Museo Leone in Vercelli, Italy, Evanston Art Center and Reed Library of the State University of New York at Fredonia, in the US.

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PR for Iceland

Udstillingsplakat Akureyri (2)PR for ARTMONEY NORD exhibitions in Iceland. We’re going to have exhibitions, artists’ talks and workshops in August – in Akureyri and Reykjanesbær.

More about the project:
ARTMONEY NORD at wordpress

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Just another day at the office

I’m often amazed how big part of my work takes place at my desk.

The last couple of days has been all about making PR material for ARTMONEY NORD‘s future exhibitions in Iceland – as well as organizing stuff for Spor Kunsten, the annual weekend (always first weekend in October) where local artists and craftsmen open their doors and invite friends, followers and an interested audience to visit their workshops and ateliers.

This season I take “one for the team”, as a member of the board. One of the benefits is that you actually meet with your lovely colleagues (whereas your daily art practice is usually a rather lonely affair. (Which I do not love any less, I should say!)

One of the more funny tasks yesterday was to do a “workshop selfie” for the catalog – like the ones above.

Not to mention how lucky I am to have my garden right outside! Anytime I feel stuck at the desk – I just go out to prune the hedge or something.

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