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The trip to London (for climatic reasons we chose train over flight) happily turned into a fine and romantic prelude to Lucius’ & Foxy’s wedding. With overnight stays in Paris and Amsterdam on the way out and home, it became a real and adventorous journey, so much less stressful than airplanes and airports.

Paris was meling hot, a heat wave at approximately 45 degrees Celsius sweeped streets and squares (like going inside a hairdryer), yet we managed to go see Notre Dame, see some art and drink coffee on a houseboat on the Seine before going through Eurotunnel and the English Channel – and arrived at King’s Cross in the middle of central London. Wildly impressing how you can get from one European capital to another in just 2 hours – without flying!

In London, the natural focal point was, wedding, family and friends. Very intense to be together several days – but also wonderful.

On the way home we stopped in Amsterdam, visited Van Gogh’s sunflowers, bought some tulip lamps (and a bit of hemp seed – after all it was Amsterdam) and otherwise just hung out along the canals and looked at people, houses, houseboats – and went to the cafés for pancakes, water and coffee.

Back in Aarhus – 10 days later – we’re tired and over the top happy. Many wonderful experiences and moments richer.

Photos (some of them) – thanks to B W Andresen

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The wedding of Lucius & Foxy 1. July was indeed FANTASTIC – the absolute highlight of the summer!

In the picturesque and evocative Asylum Chappel, surrounded by friends and family, Lucius (my oldest) and his Foxy were united at a beautiful, pagan and occult ceremony, and afterwards celebrated at “Big Red”, with music, dancing, wine, (un)traditional wedding cake (Kaballah pattern), and various performances on stage.

So happy to see so many of Luc’s old friends came over to celebrate LOVE – and be part of this very special and totally fantastic day!!!

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Sans & Samling – on location

Art project “Sans og samling” in Langør – looking great both during daytime and when the twilight comes. The seaside and the small marina make up a fantastic backdrop and stage and the weather gods play along in the most beautiful way. What more can I ask for?

The installation can be seen until Sunday. See more of the Kunstø-program.

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See more of the Kunstø-programme here.

Packing for my conceptual artproject SANS & SAMLING. Launched tomorrow at 15 at at Langør Havn.

See you at Samsø tomorrow!

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Burning raku is always fascinating. The whole process of getting the fine tea bowls safely in – and out – of the redglowing oven, and further to the reduction in the bucket of sawdust that highlights characteristic fine crackles of the glaze is totally mesmerizing.

Might be that clothes and hair smells strongly afterwards, as if you’ve been sitting next to a campfire all day. But it is definitely worth it when your kitchen shelves burst with your own ceramic design.

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Sans & Samling

Working together with two colleagues to create a number of small “houses” or “stalls” for our art project SANS & SAMLING, which will be launched at Langør Havn at midsummer.

The project is a part of Kunstø/ Art Island Samsø.

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My artistic way is constantly surprising me with new turns and twists. Recently this beautiful and solid graphics press (bought used, but in an almost indestructible quality) has found it’s way into my atelier.

I am not a graphic artist as such – but always happy to learn and to experiment. And this press definitely opens for a lot of new opportunities – not least in relation to the creation of artists’ books.

For a start I try out printing some leaves and flowers from the backyard.

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