5836670083_d813d0ff8c_oHave just revived my on-line ETSY shop with a stack of bookmarks all handmade and individual combinations of recycled maps and papers and questions or statements that examines the common denominator between exploring a new country/ territory – and reading a book.

The bookmarks’re cut out from of a second hand school atlas, have a cover of parchment paper and a pang colored string attached. The red dots attached refers to the red dots, we all know from overview boards etc. showing: “HERE YOU ARE”.

NB. Also for sale at G13, my atelier at Grenåvej 13, 8200 Aarhus, Dk. With a determined mind you can even order some today and have it befor Christmas. If you live in Dk/Europe at least. :-)


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Workshop in Vilnius


Impressions from a 3-day workshop at the art academy in Vilnius with 15 students from 1st to 5th class – and with Joop and I as the teachers.

A thoroughly practical based hands-on-investigation of ‘book’ as ‘object’ and the process of developing something from the starting point as a breezy idea into a materialized tangible object – hopefully with some aesthetic if not direct artistic qualities. Our intention was to introduce thinking about books and artists’ books as object and as well highlight steps in the delicate process of taking a concept  to realization.

It was great to see how serious and also with humor the studens worked with their tasks. This is always an exciting part of teaching – how are your ideas and suggestions recieved, and how is this dialog pingpong evolving – despite language barriers usually it works quite well.

Yesterday we completed the course with a small informal private view – and a symbolic sharing of knowledge by launching a message-in-a-bottle from the banks of the river Vilne, which runs just outside the academy. A tribute and salute to a main element in art: play, ease and unpredictability.

Some little voice keeps telling me that streams do not easily  find it’s way from the Baltic sea, but then again – who really knows if the bottle might one day when I walk along the seaside emerge from the waters of Aarhus Bay?!

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Vilnius revisited

Great to be in Vilnius and see Kestutis and Joop  again – and select works for 7. Artist bog Triennial Vilnius 2015. A lot of fine works from around the world. We have had the first meeting in the jury and diveded works into three categories: Yes – No -Maybe (then later we have to see again the pile of ‘maybe’) – but we also have other projects going on:

Sunday we went to Kaunas to attendt a concert for Chimes performed from Vytautas´tower by Auke de Boor, a friend and colleague of Joop. The program was selected pieces “Dutch music for Carillon” – classical and contemporary, ‘Preparations for Carillon’ by Joop (who happens to be both a very talented artist, pianist and composer) and one ‘composition’ by me: ‘Random Opus”.

Guess who was almost bursting with self-conscious about being “played” in such an exquisite setting and company!

Yesterday Joop and I did a performance / dialogue at the Academy, as a kind of introduction for a 3 days workshop in artists’ book object for students at the Art Academy.

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DSC02762DSC02763My home base as it looked the other day just before take off to Vilnius. Wonder why my studio always resemble a total clutter when I’m about to go out – but right now I’m also pretty indifferent.

I’m in Vilnius as part of theinternational jury to select works for the 7th International Artists’ Book Triennial Vilnius 2015. Great to be here again – and to see my old colleagues  and friends Kestutis Vasiliunas and Joop Visser.

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In the Height


High up – both in terms of actual geography – and on a personal, artistic and spiritual level. Almost two weeks of fresh air north of the Arctic Circle along with a good friend & colleague to work, teach and explore. Call it a crossroads, a cleansing ceremony, an inner journey of discovery,

Fortunately, now it also feels too good to be home again in my own everyday circles – time with my loved ones, my students, my martial arts colleagues, etc. – and not least time in my studio where I need to complete some works and in general preparing for the next art project being in Vilnius in December.

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Berliner Trip

Going home after yet another great week in Berlin with Testrup students and teachers and a programme full of museums, galleriers, concerts and excurtions.

This time the absolute scoop, I think, was yesterdays visit at Olofur Eliasons studio, a major art-space-lab in a former brewery in Prenzlauerberg, where he and his 100 persons (at least) staff develop and try out his ideas – from the first vague sketches over models – for figuring out the “construction”, testing materials etc etc – to full size architectural art works. Sadly we weren’t allowed to take any photos due to the nature and degree of confidence for models and work in progress but believe me, it was fascinating to have a glimpse of this elaborate and complex organism of creation in grand scale.   

Images: Neue National Gallerie, floohmarked at Boxhagener, bikeriding to Treptower + Templehoff, Türkishe Marked, KW, Auguststrasse, Tipis at Spree

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A brand new batch of artmoney for the upcoming exhibition in Bredgade, Cph. Petals and plants from my garden incoorperated on my ‘usual’ recycled cardboard and gesso ground – and sealed with enchaustic I bought when visiting Tara in Philadelphia last autumn. I’m quite happy about the result – and realize I need to find a near by enchaustic outlet for further supplies.

Anyway, the opening will be the 24. October at 2 o’clock with opening speech by Uffe Elbek founder of Alternativet. I wish I could be there it use to be a great day- but my schedule says Bodø, Norway this time – and I wouldn’t miss that either.

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