Inhale – Exhale

Outdoor art installation in driveway of G13 (my house and studio). Created by me and two colleagues on occasion of Aarhus Festival week 2019

Stress, rush and noise. The pace in modern society is high and demanding. We all run (too) fast. Many almost forget about breathing. Breathing holes are needed in a hectic everyday life. Inhale-Exhale offers you a pause .

We welcome you to our peaceful little beach oasis. Please, feel free to settle down. And just breathe. Leave the world for a while. Draw some lines in the sand. Maybe dream or meditate for a better world … maybe talk with your fellow visitors of your dreams and visions… or keep them inside, as you please.

PS: we offer both earmuffs and earplugs (we’re right next tio the street/ street noise), notebooks to doodle in, knitting, poems, philosophical texts to reflect on – as well as sheer inactivity in our little oasis.

PS.PS: If you think you recognize our little “houses”, you are absolutely right. They are recycled from a previous project but now in a new context and setting

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Great days with ARTMONEY NORD in a sunny Tórshavn.

On display at Smiðjan in Lítluvík, the municipal gallery at the harbor. The exhibition was very well received and attracted good interest from both locals and visitors (tourists). In general, Faroese people seem very interested in art; many are actually committed visual artists, painters, musicians, and poets themselves. Especially when you consider how few inhabitants they are – about 40,000 in total, of which about 20,000 live in Tórshavn, it must be the world’s smallest capital.

I love being here and could well dream of coming back on a longer work stay / residency. I did some research while here, so now we’ll see.

Read more about how ARTMONEY NORD started. New article in English – på dansk)

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Farao Islands

A travel to the Faroe Islands on the occasion of Artmoney Nord‘s exhibition in Tórshavn.

I travelled with my mum, who has always been very enthusiastic about the Nordic and everything Nordic – and eventually I understand what she means. The North is wonderful. My mum insisted to go by ship, a voyage of more than 30 hours, giving you plenty of time to contemplate, read, knit and dream your way in the North Atlantic. And according to her the only right way to approach these islands.

So lucky we could stay at William Heinesen’s house high on the hill overlooking the harbor – and the nearby island of Nolsoy – a magnificent view in the ever-changing weather. It has been overwhelmingly beautiful and calm days full of sun, which is not quite usual on these islands.

Of course, I have been to the gallery but have also made many larger and smaller excursions. To visit the Nordic House, the National Gallery/Art Museum, Steinprint, Jacobsen’s bookshop, the coffeehouses and all the knitting shops – as well as walking across the mountains to Kirkjybø – and going on sightseeing/ research in the countryside. The air you breathe is incredible clean, and the landscape is incredible rough and wild, with strong, vivid colors, with cliffs, canyons, waterfalls – mixed with rounded soft green hills. I almost felt indulged in an atmosphere from the creation of Earth.

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Summerholydays and Mermaids at Samsø

Summer holyday for me is to have plenty of time! Time to bike, walk in the rain, swim in the sea, drink tea or rosé wine in the afternoon, talk together, dream and make plans, or just sit in the shadow of the trees and read.

In between I even find time to work with the illustrations for an upcoming Nordic exhibition with artists from KKS at Åland.

I have chosen the lyrics from a traditional Åland folk song, En sjöman älskar havets våg. As it’s a sailor’s song, I paint all my inner views of archipelago islands, blue waves, underwater panoramas and mermaids.

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Paris London Amsterdam

The trip to London (for climatic reasons we chose train over flight) happily turned into a fine and romantic prelude to Lucius’ & Foxy’s wedding. With overnight stays in Paris and Amsterdam on the way out and home, it became a real and adventorous journey, so much less stressful than airplanes and airports.

Paris was meling hot, a heat wave at approximately 45 degrees Celsius sweeped streets and squares (like going inside a hairdryer), yet we managed to go see Notre Dame, see some art and drink coffee on a houseboat on the Seine before going through Eurotunnel and the English Channel – and arrived at King’s Cross in the middle of central London. Wildly impressing how you can get from one European capital to another in just 2 hours – without flying!

In London, the natural focal point was, wedding, family and friends. Very intense to be together several days – but also wonderful.

On the way home we stopped in Amsterdam, visited Van Gogh’s sunflowers, bought some tulip lamps (and a bit of hemp seed – after all it was Amsterdam) and otherwise just hung out along the canals and looked at people, houses, houseboats – and went to the cafés for pancakes, water and coffee.

Back in Aarhus – 10 days later – we’re tired and over the top happy. Many wonderful experiences and moments richer.

Photos (some of them) – thanks to B W Andresen

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The wedding of Lucius & Foxy 1. July was indeed FANTASTIC – the absolute highlight of the summer!

In the picturesque and evocative Asylum Chappel, surrounded by friends and family, Lucius (my oldest) and his Foxy were united at a beautiful, pagan and occult ceremony, and afterwards celebrated at “Big Red”, with music, dancing, wine, (un)traditional wedding cake (Kaballah pattern), and various performances on stage.

So happy to see so many of Luc’s old friends came over to celebrate LOVE – and be part of this very special and totally fantastic day!!!

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Sans & Samling – on location

Art project “Sans og samling” in Langør – looking great both during daytime and when the twilight comes. The seaside and the small marina make up a fantastic backdrop and stage and the weather gods play along in the most beautiful way. What more can I ask for?

The installation can be seen until Sunday. See more of the Kunstø-program.

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