Sheffield and Schio

Just managed to meet two deadlines the other day:

Submitted ‘HOME’, a house-shaped accordion piece for the Sheffield Artists’ Book Prize hosted and organized by Bank Street Arts in Sheffield (GB). (Exhibition dates: 7th October – 31st October, 2015)

And shipped my one-page-book ‘X-perience’ to Italy – where I’m invited artist at Di Carta/Papermade, International Biennal for Papermade Art Work in Schio, at Palazzo Fogazzaro, at the end of the year. (December 2015 to February 2016).

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Spring Berlin

Spring BErlin

Back home from yet another great spring studytrip to Berlin with Testrup.

New people, places and impressions as well as the joy of return visits to the good old sites and stuff.

One of my favorite recurring items is Thorbjørn’s ‘Sight-run’, where we run to the sightseeings points. Usually a distance slightly above  the 20 kilometers. But surely you get your daily need for outdoor + movement thoroughly covered! ;-)

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Circus Director Jars

DSC01935Currently in the process of modeling some big jars for an exhibition at Kirsten Kjær’s Museum in North Jutland 5th. June.

The exhibition is a collaboration with the museum to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. I have been asked to choose one of five portraits of women painted (done) by Kirsten Kjaer – and to go into a dialogue. I have chosen a portrait of Dora Miehe, female circus director, painted 1932. I have had no doubts. It must be pretty adventurous to be in charge of a circus. In any case it’s not an ordinary profession. And certainly not for women. And most certainly not at the time. In other words: Dora is a strong and independent person, I like that. And what is equally important for my choise: her body has such a delicious form – just like a slightly bulky jar. In the portrait she’s wearing a big luxurious mink cape. It looks like at least, mink. White with black spots. So that’s how I’ll glaze my jar.

That’s my plan. A circus director jar. It’s so great to work with ceramics again!

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Black & White

DSC01910Works by Lucius and me lined up and ready for display at the big artmoney exhibition at Gallery ARTEXPO. Opening next Friday & Saturday – and till 9th of May.

You’re so welcome to pass by and enjoy the art works, the atmosphere, the live music and a glasss of wine. Online invitation here. ;-)

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Spring London


It’s time to enjoying a refreshing cocktail of classic as well as young pop-up art, long walks-&-talks along the Camden Canal, flickering books at Foyles and Watkins, and having a good Tarot spread and several nice cups of coffee and tea.

Springtime. Wonderful to see you again!

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A quiet moment with myself. A wonderful way to meet and greet the day.

Meditation, coffee and longhand writing. Have to admit a small addiction to drinking coffee… but then again: Rome was not built in one day. I think I can bear with this – still for a while.  :-)

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The Artists Way


Have just started a 12-weeks self-development based on Julia Cameron‘s book “The Artists Way” together with a group of beautiful & creative women. We are all very motivated by a deep longing to let creativity have much more space and influence in our lives.

We feel so ready and spirits are high. Not only we have shaken hands this weekend that we embark on this project, we’ve also signed a “contract with ourselves” – to implement a daily practice and go wholeheartedly into the process whatever it brings.

Daily exercises, writing Morning Pages and a weekly Artists Date (alone – with oneself) are the tools to bring us in deeper contact with our “inner artist” and in general keep us “on the track”.

During the process we’ll meet again here – and also stay connected via the net. So far it all looks fantastic and encouraging! No doubt you’re greatly supported by meditating and sharing experiences, reflections and knowledge in a group. This can only be good!

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