Wake UP – Slow DOWN

Photo comment: Dear friends. I don’t know how you cope with existence in these Corona quarantine days/ weeks. Personally I feel a bit unfocused and out of tune. I’m working a bit here and here: from digging the garden, to sewing patches on a pair of torn trouser and clearing shelves and hides, finding various more or less forgotten materials. Among other things this “board” and a faded label saying “LIFE SIGN” from a previous art project. Gave me the idea to fill the board with signs of life (whatever that may be)..
It is ment for 20 small objects or finds. The individual “rooms” are quite small: 3 x 7 cm. But yes, at least it’s a start. A collection of some kind. An attempt to create order from chaos? Please, feel free to join me with your bid: What does a sign of life look like?

PS Sorry I have to link to my Instagram – but it seems I have used up my photolimit here at wordpress, I cannot post as many photos as I would like. And as I used too 🙂

The last weeks have been a huge upheaval! Not just for me – but for people all over the world. Coronavirus has spread The situation is profoundly serious and no longer something that only happens in a remote province in China. On the contrary – this is a worldwide crisis.

We are hit in different ways. Some to a mild degree, others in fatal degree. The various natinal governments also handle the situation very different. Typically by closing the public space and suggesting self-isolation strategies. We’re encouraged to stand together – by standing alone

I feel incredibly privileged to live in Denmark and to have come back from Asia just before closing time. My workplace has been shut down for the past 3 weeks, like everyone else (except for the essential jobs in healthcare or with supplies of groceries etc) – but at least I still have my job. Not everyone is so lucky. Many are and will become unemployed, companies close for good. The Danish government is trying to mitigate the worst economic collapse with various grants and support schemes, so there is also a working life to return to when we return from isolation. Fortunately, it seems the infection numbers have come under control. So much so that we now expect we can slowly and gradually return to “normal” life after Easter. It’s really gratifying to see some light ahead.

One should not conclude too quickly. The situation is still mega complex. However, for me there is no doubt this is a huge wake-up call to all of us: We have gone too far in our lifestyle, our consumption, and yes, by the way the privileged classes (myself included) happyly and carefree are travelling around the world for our own pleasure. The globe can’t bear it!

The happy news is, that these weeks give us, yes even force us, to slow down and contemplate our values, dreams, desires and hopes. At the same time we experience a huge power and willingness among people to change habits and behavior in order to overcome this pandemic. That gives me so much hope. And we need that. Because I have no doubt that this is just the beginning as the next (or rather the other) major crisis we’re facing is the climate. But there is hope! That we can actually change the situation – when we decide to go in the same direction. Let’s see this as a most needed time of rehearsal.

Take care! And be kind to yourself these days. ❤

About hanne

Mixed media artist working with collage, art-money, artists´ books, ceramics and communication
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