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Here is my Anna Sofie (16) and her accompanist playing a Rondino at a “Spirekoncert”. (In English it ´s ” Sprouts´concert”, I don´t know if it´s the exact translation, but it means something like young/ upcomming plants or talents…) Oh, she … Continue reading

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In my next life I´ve decided to become a more organized type of person! One who always knows where to find her keys, her photoes, adressbooks, notes and stuff – and especially – one who starts all her tasks and … Continue reading

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Sparkling eyes and lots of self-esteem!

Talking about sparkling eyes and lots of self-esteem: Let me introduce you to Nala and Columbus, our two cats. Nala, is almost ten years old now, but still going strong! And her son Columbus, only half her age, shining black, … Continue reading

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Hot spots of inspiration

For me a noticeboard exposing al sorts of stuff and ideas is a great source of inspiration. This board is a small exhibition of materials – almost a collage in itself. But it could be a collection of anything. The … Continue reading

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Two hobbits in a tree

Indeed Easter is about death and resurrection, I know, but yesterday it became a quite near thing! After a nice long walk with my two teenagers in the forest at Moesgaard, I returned home fresh and cheerful to continue an … Continue reading

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Hands up, three-eyed April-fool!

I made this self-portrait via an old, blurry and stained mirror hanging on the wall. And what do I see in the mirror, camera in my hand? An April´s Fool? A hybrid sort of cyclops – eye in my forehead? … Continue reading

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A Series of Art

I often make series, especially when I work with small collages, and thise are really tiny things, only 10 x 10 cm. (What´s that in inches??) I´ve made them for a miniature art project in Czestochowa in Polan. Usually I … Continue reading

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In my family we are not very religious,. Spiritual yes, but not religious. And so, Easter time is not an ecclesiastical affair – it´s more like an occation to notice spring is finally(!) here. The old is dying – in … Continue reading

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Slow speed

A 100 or rather a 1000 bits and pieces sewing-project. I don´t know yet if I´ll make it into a pillow, a table cloth or a quilt for my basket chair. You probably know the principles of patch-work. First you … Continue reading

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Studio Friday- point of view

The window in my studio is placed very high up so, generally speaking, it allows the light to get in – I really appreciate that – but it does´n offer much of a view. Luckily my studio has got a … Continue reading

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