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The circle of life

. The circle is a symbol of oneness, unity, wholeness. A year can be described as a circle: you start at one point and within 360 days the circle is full and you`re back where you started. Hopefully you have … Continue reading

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This month I’ve entered two web-groups that are both dealing with exchange of ideas, inspiration, information and art-projects.The first group Club Creative I’ve joined in order to SWAP (= exchange) ATCs and to take part in RR( = round robins) … Continue reading

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Stairway to Heaven

My favourite source for inspiration? Well, I think a set-up like this will do it…

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Travelling in my mind

Remember these small collages I showed you in April as I send them of for a censored exhibition in Czestochowa, Poland? Before we took off to Sweden I was informed that out of 1058 entries 191 works were accepted. I … Continue reading

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Happiness is… working in the garden

To work in the garden doesn’t necessarily means to dig the soil or nurse the flowers… In my garden it means: to paint, to cut, to sew, stamp etc. And these moments of peace and creativity are so very precious … Continue reading

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Creative roots

Where does it all come from – your creative roots? Is it in the genes of your family? Well, I don’t know but my grandmother was educated tailor and has been sewing all her life. Did she need to cheer … Continue reading

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Evening walk at Ajstrup

5 minutes after this photo was taken the rain poured down. We all got wet to the skin and hurried home to have tea – but it was a nice walk anyway!  

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